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Samarkand Rug

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Samarkand Rugs

The ancient city of Samarkand, located in Uzbekistan along the Silk Road, has a rich history and traditions reflected in Samarkand rugs. Due to its exquisite craftsmanship and unique designs that capture the region’s many different cultural influences, these gorgeous floor coverings are in high demand.

Samarkand Rugs are created by hand by expert craftspeople utilizing age-old methods handed down through the generations. These methods incorporate hand-weaving and hand-knotting with premium wool or silk yarns.

The unique, geometric designs of Samarkand rugs incorporate a variety of vivid colours and complicated patterns. They are among their most distinguishing characteristics which set them apart. These patterns were influenced by the cultural practices of the nomadic tribes that formerly roamed the area and the architectural styles of the old Silk Road cities.

With the highest care and attention to detail, Silk Route Global is pleased to offer various silk rugs. Each rug is a unique artwork embodying the region’s rich cultural history and tradition.

Our rugs are pieces of art that convey a narrative of heritage, culture, and craftsmanship; they are more than just floor coverings. They add a sense of refinement and elegance to any setting and are guaranteed to be appreciated for many years.

We have a Samarkand Rug that will match your taste and requirements. Sp whether you are searching for a traditional or contemporary pattern, we can help. You can choose the ideal rug from our collection to go with your home or business decor because it comes in various sizes and colour choices.