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Handmade Square Salad Dish


Handmade Ikat Painted Plate


Handmade Oval Plates Set


Handmade Blue Floral Plates


Handmade Red Floral Plates


Set Mugs






Tea Set


Soup Bowls Set


Soup Bowls Set


Soup Bowls Set


Ceramic Sets

Sets made of ceramic are a lovely and useful addition to any house. They comprise coordinated parts created with the same care and excellence that distinguishes all ceramic products. Our selection of ceramic serving utensils and decorative accents at Silk Route Global includes dishes, bowls, cups, and other serving utensils.

Each ceramic component in our sets is delicately sculpted and hand-glazed, resulting in distinctive differences that make each set unique. These sculptures are strong and long-lasting thanks to natural materials and diligent attention to detail. You can easily enjoy them for many years to come. Our ceramic products are made by talented craftsmen worldwide, including nations with long ceramic histories like Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc. You will never regret to have our ceramics into your kitchen.

Ceramic sets have many advantages in addition to being attractive and useful. They are a fantastic option for busy households because they are simple to clean. Mealtime is made simple by their microwave and dishwasher compatibility. Additionally, ceramic sets are a wise investment that will keep enhancing your house’s beauty and value for many years because of their timeless style and durability.

Silk Route Global’s exclusive sets are the ideal pick for everyone. Whether you want to furnish your house with a touch of elegance or create a unified and exquisite dining experience. Due to their excellent construction, appearance, and practicality, they quickly become a cherished addition to any house and way of life. Get yours now to add a touch of sophistication and art to your living space!