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Handwoven Brown Chameleon Scarf


Exclusive Indigo Batik Scarf


Exclusive Brown Batik Scarf


Green Scarf


Green Scarf of Batik- Hand-Painted Pomegranate Scarf


Purple Scarf


Handmade Wool & Silk Scarf


Bright Colour Scarf


Exclusive Hand-Painted Floral Batik Scarf


Women Scarf of Exclusive Hand-Painted Pomegranate Batik Scarf


Silk Scarf of Exclusive Hand-Painted Floral Scarf


Pink Scarf



The most comprehensive variety of scarves, suitable for any occasion, is offered to you by Silk Route Global. Our scarves are crafted from the highest-quality materials and are carefully designed. Our scarves are the ideal accessory whether you’re looking to dress up your wardrobe or just stay warm!

Each of our items has a distinctive design and style originating from a different world region. Our wears are a representation of the beauty and diversity of other civilisations. They are filled with colours from India that are brilliant and designs from Egypt that are complex. To ensure the finest degree of craftsmanship is used in creating each scarf, we collaborate with artisans worldwide.

Only the best materials, including silk, cashmere, ikat and wool, are used to create our scarves. Our items are made using carefully chosen soft, comfortable, and long-lasting materials. With hand-stitched hems and complex designs that are surely eye-catching, each scarf is made with the utmost care.

Our scarves can bring style and sophistication to any outfit and are more than just accessories. They can be worn in many ways, traditionally around the neck or as a shawl thrown over the shoulders. Our scarf is a must-have for any wardrobe because they go with both casual and formal attire and are flexible.

Discover the ideal scarf for your wardrobe by perusing our selection. You may discover a scarf that matches your taste and individuality among our extensive selection of colours, styles, and materials. Experience the elegance of scarves from Silk Route Global, and take your sense of style to new heights.