Small “Star” Tiles

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“Star” Tiles

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Exclusive Tiles

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Silk Route Global’s exclusive tiles are the ideal accent for any home or office. Some of the world’s most known ceramic artisans provide our magnificent collection of tiles. Each tile is carefully handmade with the best materials, ensuring they are of the greatest quality.

Our unique item have elaborate designs and patterns that are soaked in heritage from nations like Turkey, Morocco, and Spain. These tiles honour the extensive cultural legacy of the regions they were made. Each tile is distinct and has a unique narrative. Whether it be the Moroccan ceramic complex geometrical patterns or the vivid floral designs of the Samarkand style

Our items are created from the best materials, including porcelain and terracotta, guaranteeing that they are gorgeous and long-lasting. The result is a selection of ceramics that are not only beautiful but also useful and durable. Our exclusive tiles are made for you to enjoy its unique design and patters.

Every room should have a touch of elegance and class, and our special gifts are made for that. Thanks to their large selection of colours and designs, there is something for every taste and preference. These luxurious items are ideal for giving your kitchen, bathroom, or any other living space a touch of luxury.

You won’t regret investing in our premium tiles. They increase the value of your home and give any room charm and character. Why not choose Silk Route Global’s exclusive tiles for your upcoming home or business renovation project? Enjoy these stunning works of art’s everlasting beauty by ordering yours today!