Learn how are products are made.


One of the most ancient and interesting types of applied arts of Uzbekistan is ceramics. The first specimens of which go back to the times of the deepest antiquity. These are lagan dishes, spherical bowls, bowls and casas, vases, and jugs of various sizes – from huge to miniature. They are refined in form and at the same time convenient for use. Ceramic products are always in a great demand. They are distinguished by high craftsmanship performance, the beauty of forms, the magic of ornamental decisions, the harmony of bold fantasy, a sense of proportion in handling the color. This video will give you a small insight on how ceramics is molded in modern Uzbekistan.


This video uncovers the process of ceramic molding by Alisher Narzullaev – one of our finest masters. Alisher Narzullaev is a potter in the 6th generation and the son of Gijduvan’s grand ceramic master Ibodullo. He devoted his life to the preservation of the cultural heritage of Gijduvan’s traditional ceramic school and his works are exposed in museums of many countries.


Silk weaving originated many centuries ago. People have learned to produce the finest threads from silkworm cocoons, from which they then hand weave into an unusual canvas. It was a very complex and laborious process, and silk was such an expensive fabric that it often served as money. With time, the production of silk fabrics grew and improved, but traditional silk weavers of Uzbekistan continue to follow the teachings of their predecessors and put all their inspiration and skill so the fabric would become more refined and original. Play this video to see how the silk cocoon is transferred into magnificent fabrics by the hands of one of our masters.

Carpet weaving in Uzbekistan is one of the oldest types of applied art. For centuries, carpets were very expensive and served as a luxurious decoration in the chambers of the sovereigns and nobles. In a modern Uzbekistan a carpet is a symbol of prosperity and home comfort. A wedding carpet is a mandatory gift to the newlyweds.

All our carpets are handwoven. It takes many months to make a carpet. It requires millions of silkworms cocoons to make just one carpet. After the silk is gathered into threads, natural dyes are applied to the spools of silk thread.