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Embroidered Small Sunflower Cushion Cover


Embroidered Laqay Cushion Cover


Exclusive Embroidered Floral Cushion Cover


“Shahrizabz” Designed Bukhara Embroidery Cushion Cover


Embroidered Red Suzani Cushion Cover


Velvet Cushion Cover


Exclusive Handmade Cushion Cover


Embroidered Small Daisy Cushion Cover


Embroidered Small Floral Cushion Cover


Handwoven Cotton Headrest


“Shahrizabz” Embroidered Cushion Cover


Handmade Cushion Cover



Cushions play a crucial role in making your home feel snug and inviting to your guests. They are more than just aesthetic elements for your living room. Our cushion collection is expertly created to add comfort and elegance to any space.

They are crafted from premium materials like silk, cotton, and linen and are sourced worldwide. Each cushion is created with exquisite designs and embellishments honouring the origin country’s cultural heritage and customs.

Our cushion collection comes in various hues, sizes, and textures to suit any style or mood. Our pillows may give any room a subtle accent or a splash of colour. They range from bright and extravagant to soft and mellow. We take pleasure in ensuring that our cushions are lovely, long-lasting, and simple to maintain. Our cushions are also a useful addition to any home because they can be machine washed with other garments. Simply toss them in the machine and you’re good to go!

Our selection of cushions has something for everyone. Whether you’re trying to add a cosier accent to your bedroom or a touch of luxury to your living area. With the help of our exquisite range of cushions, you can turn any room into a cosy and welcoming retreat.

We have something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a strong statement piece or a delicate accent. Discover the ideal cushion for your house in our selection by browsing it right now. Make your pick today to make your home stand out with our ideal range of cushions!