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Turkmen Rug

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Turkmen Rugs

Turkmen rugs are genuine works of art and quality from Central Asia. These gorgeous floor coverings are handwoven by experienced artisans, utilizing age-old methods in their culture.

The elaborate patterns on their rugs reflect the Turkmen people’s rich cultural past, who are primarily nomads. Every rug is a unique work of art depicting a custom, culture, or historical event. Rugs are often woven using premium wool or silk yarns that have been hand-spun and naturally coloured.

Turkmen rugs are known for their elaborate geometric designs, which offer a variety of vibrant colours and patterns. Traditional elements like the gül (flower), octagon, and other animal representations are frequently used in these designs

Rugs are not only beautiful pieces of art, but they also serve useful purposes in the home. They are ideal for cold climates due to their great insulation provided by their thick, dense pile. They are perfect for use in high-traffic areas like corridors and living rooms because they are also exceptionally strong and can endure significant foot movement. An ideal accent piece for your home decor, its intricate designs and gorgeous hues can offer warmth and charm to any space. Take a piece of Central Asia’s rich cultural legacy home by making an investment in a Turkmen rug today!

Our  rugs are more than just floor coverings; they represent Central Asia’s rich cultural history. They add elegance and richness to any setting and are guaranteed treasured for several generations. So what are you waiting for? Please browse through our collection of Turkmen Rugs and make your pick!